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The Nurtural Bitless is Better

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle sends more signals, more consistent signals, than bits and other types of bitless bridles.

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Enjoy a better relationship

Your horse will be happier to be with you, stays calmer, and listens better - so you create a closer team.

Better Performance

Achieve better performance

Regardless of age or abilities, your horse will be happier and work better.

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Our Circle-X is the key

Our patented "Circle-X" holds the reinstraps securely under the chin , so they stay on your horse's cheek, giving greater directional control. Our reinstraps do not twist, tangle of pinch the nose.

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Yes, you can...

Stop your horse, collect, jump in any event, ride cross-country, fox hunt, progress in dressage, train young horses, teach new riders, drive minis to drafts, ride trail or endurance, develop and relax your competition horse, create a closer bond, and create a winning team.

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Develop Nurturally

See what can happen when you put communication first and school Nurturally.

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BE your horse's partner: go bitless for greater comfort, better relaxation, improved performance and a new relationship! Go Nurtural!!

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Welcome to the 'Bright New Day'!

What is this 'Bright New Day' of which you speak, you ask?

This is the day YOU can emerge from the darkness of thousands of years of being conditioned to believe:

"to control my horse, there must be a bit in the mouth".

  • Everyone who learns about going bitless and empowers themselves to do so, inevitably, feels as if the sun is finally shining on them AND their horse.
  • A Bright New Day where you have removed one more obstacle to being partners.
  • A Bright New Day where using pain as motivation is NOT the norm.

Galloping into this Bright New Day is exciting to say the least!

Please read on for your empowerment and encouragement that you and your horse can experience the 'Bright New Day'!

I schooled Cristallo in his bitless bridle before the Nations Cup yesterday. He is so much happier.Kaylen Spooner
I can finally enjoy long gallops on Beamer, and now I can stop faster than with a bit.Leslie Smith-Dow - Horse Canada Magazine
I love the way Super Sport carries himself when I use the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.Ruth Sturley

Latest Videos

  • King

    Kathleen & the ‘King of England’ Challenge

    4 year old OTTB - taken off the track, adopted for eventing but returned due to his severe bit evasion. Kathleen has rescued him and sees great potential BUT her trainer insists on a running martingale to protect Kathleen from being bopped in the face from King throwing his head! So Kathleen took to the internet to research options. The one that makes the most sense to her is the Nurtural. This is their before and after video.

  • Bit2Bitless

    Bit to Bitless Comparison

    A short video showing one lady's experience of how her horse acts when she puts her bitted bridle on him compared to how he acts when confronted with the Nurtural. Bonus footage of his behaviour in both the bitted bridle and the Nurtural Bitless Bridle.

  • Horse Race Bitless vs Bridleless

    Let's go!

Why the Nurtural is better

  • Sends more signals
  • Sends more consistent signals
  • Maximizes directional control
  • Does not pinch or twist
  • Horse backs out of noseband
  • Rein position improves bending
  • Provide consistent poll pressure
  • Noseband does not slip
  • Reinstraps are easy to adjust

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