Changing Attitudes, Changing Relationships, Changing Lives! Scroll down to find your track!

"It was Hazel, a Canadian Mare, that inspired the Nurtural Bitless Bridle. She would willingly do anything I asked her in a rope halter, but the moment I picked up the reins to the bit, her whole personality changed! She began swinging her head and thrashing and backing up and trying to get rid of me. So began my bitless journey" - Zoe Brooks

It's in our nature to nurture. You CAN be your horse's partner. You CAN change the mindset that says there must be something in the mouth to control the horse! Scroll down and choose the situation that fits, better yet - check out the whole site for encouragment and empowerment to change your attitude, change your relationship and change the lives of you AND your horse!

1) CHANGING ATTITUDES - If you are brand new to the concept of Bitless Bridles - start here:

If you are saying: What is this? Why would I even think about riding bitless?? Follow this set of links!

Could it be your horse is fine in the bit, but you just want to eliminate that thing in the mouth?

Could it be your horse exhibits signs of bit evasion?

Could it be your horse has teeth, jaw or some other issue and the bit is torture for him/her?

These are some of the reasons people decide to go bitless.

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2) CHANGING RELATIONSHIPS - If you've done some research, and think 'I want to ride bitless...' - start here:

By now you probably understand that going bitless involves a change of mindset. We've been conditioned for thousands of years to believe there must be something in the horse's mouth to control it. We have to break this belief.

Watching the videos, reading the experiences of others and then finding the bitless bridle that makes the most sense to you is the way to come out of the dark and into the light of the 'Bright New Bitless Day!'

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3) LITERALLY, CHANGING LIVES - If you already ride bitless, and now need a Nurtural, start here:

If you are back and ordering another Nurtural, Thank you and Welcome Back!

Or maybe you decided the Nurtural makes the most sense to you? Great! The next step is choosing the perfect material and colour for you and the perfect size for your horse.

Visit our Dealer Locator and see if someone in your area is stocking the Nurtural. You can also shop online - we ship worldwide. To ship as economically and as securely as possible, we have warehousing in Pennsylvania and in Ontario.

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My husband Michael's first time riding Obie, then 4 yrs old. Obie responded beautifully to his Nurtural bridle.

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Guest article used by permission. By Susan Kauffmann My horse Gryphon is what you would call “sensitive” — really sensitive. This is a double-edged sword, as it makes him wonderfully responsive and light, but also rather reactive and potentially explosive. He tends to worry about life in general, but when it came to being ridden, […]

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