Frequently Asked Questions

1 – If you are brand new to the concept of Bitless Bridles – start here:

If you are saying: What is this? Why would I even think about riding bitless?? We are very glad you are here and investigating this whole concept of ‘bitless’!!

You might ask: What makes you think I can go bitless?

To this we say: WHY NOT! :)

For thousands of years we have been truly hardwired to believe there must be something in the mouth to control hundreds of pounds of horse. We get it honestly! Consider this, if a seasoned cowboy or an ancient warrior needed something in the mouth…then surely we must as well? NO.

Believing you can go bitless lies in the very fact that your horse likes you and does so much for you that it horse_l-300x300motivates you to want his/her experience to be as comfortable, joyful and fulfilling as it can possibly be!

Then, also, you are on a quest: what makes you think you

CAN’T go bitless?

To this we say: if you do the research and find the bitless bridle that makes the most sense to you – you CAN go bitless. In my travels, I hear people tell me – my horse is…(fill in the blank: too hard, too hot, will go crazy, won’t know how to act).

The reality is: most horses ‘get it’ way before its person does merely because of the person’s mindset (hardwiring)!

Yes – a very few horses won’t go bitless, and you must make that call with your safety being paramount. But MOST can go bitless and be so much happier and healthier for it!! We’ve designed these pages for encouragement and empowerment for you to take that plunge! The ideas present here are not sales tactics but rather the sharing of experiences of thousands of people who have chosen to take the bit out!

These are some of the reasons people decide to go bitless:

Could it be your horse is fine in the bit, but you just want to eliminate that thing in the mouth?

Could it be your horse exhibits signs of bit evasion, head tossing, constant fiddling with the bit?

Could it be your horse has teeth, jaw or some other health issue and the bit is torture for him/her?

Even though we want you to decide on a Nurtural for your bitless journey, we want you to research the products on the market – in the end it is the bridle that makes the most sense to YOU that will insure success. Some think it is the horse that decides, but we’ve found it is the conviction and decision of the owner/rider.

You have control with the Nurtural, not intense cutting control but calm head hugging control. You can perform the One Rein Stop to improve your safety.  Here is an excellent article on teaching you and your horse the One Rein Stop, click here to download the pdf.

Here’s an email from 2011 about how one horse responded to the Nurtural during a spook:

“I put the bitless in, and all the problems melted away like butter. Today was the first time she spooked, at a stump in the field. I pulled back, she slowed right away, then she was still nervous so I did the one rein emergency stop. Like always everything was fine, I took her by the stump, all fine. Riding home I realized Hey, I had the bitless in, but I did not notice in the emergency. I have always wondered if it would really work in an Emergency. It did.

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