What Can You Do In a Bitless Bridle?

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What Can You Do In a Bitless Bridle?

Anything you can do in a snaffle bit you can do in a bitless bridle.Cherie Cornmesser
In a Bitless Bridle you can do anything you like with your horse, English or Western. Horses are generally more confident and relaxed when working in a bitless rather than any kind of bit. At least horses I use for schooling. Personally I prefer to ride my own quarter horse (English or Western) in a bitless, even if according to the scope of work sometimes I ride her in a bit or halter. However: students learn riding better in a bitless bridle (more mistakes are allowed and "forgiven" by horses) also better learn "pressure principles".Emanuela Oldani
I start young horses, retrain older ones, trail ride, and do all my western and English performance stuff in my bitless bridles. I guess the question is, what can't I do?Cheryl Van Herk

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