Guy’s Acres is for sale!









As of March 2016, the farm is for sale, Gerry & Zoe will be keeping a small parcel on which to keep their horses and Nurtural Horse, but the lion’s share of this beautiful property remains intact! – visit the listing here

Horses for sale too! Give us a call at 705-665-2178 from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time if you are in the market for a Canadian or Canadian/Quarterhorse cross.



Guys’ Acres is operated by husband and wife team Gerry Guy and Zoe Brooks. They use their natural training methods, tempered with lots of love and good old-fashioned common sense, to raise and train “polite Canadians” for horse lovers anywhere.

They share an innate love of horses. Each bringing a unique innate talent to this dream.

They raise and train horses to be respectful, eager to learn and delighted to please and hope to see them all go to homes where they will become lifelong soul-mates.

Gerry is Head of the Herd!

Gerry teaches the horses to respect people.

He is a very natural horseman and one of those rare and fortunate souls who are born with an innate understanding of horses.

It is a pleasure to watch the calmness he can bring to a training session – or the intensity if that is required… and of course he’s a man of many talents and great at all the OTHER less interesting jobs that are essential to keep the farm operating successfully.

Zoe is the Inventor.

The Nurtural Bitless Bridle is Zoe’s design.

It came from her love and passion of horses and desire to find a better and much more humane way to guide and communicate with her horses.

“I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. I guess I was never a very natural rider; as a kid I was thrown off everything from a Shetland to a workhorse.

But that did not deter me from growing up with the dream of living on a farm and owning horses. Thanks to my darling husband, that childhood dream came true in 1997.

I treasure every moment with our horses. I have learned SO MUCH, especially since we started doing natural training. I grin from ear to ear every time a horse comes to the centre of the round pen and follows me around. I hope that Nurtural Horse gives us an opportunity to share our home-grown horse sense. We would be proud to play a small part in making the lives of horses and owners better. ” … Zoe

Son Eric is an Intuitive Horseman.

Eric was 14 when we moved to the farm and he got his first horse, Suzy.

At age 15, Eric took six weeks of lessons and then jumped fault-free at the Massey Fair.

From then on, if it didn’t jump high or run fast, a horse was hardly worth riding. He has strength, balance, agility, talent, competence and confidence – all those traits the rest of us strive so hard to attain!