The next generation Nurtural has arrived!

Limited Edition Sets gives you the benefit of being one of only ten like it in the world! Featuring the new Two-eared Nurtural Bitless Bridle with matching breastplate and western reins. Made of soft supple leather, blinged to make you stand out in the crowd! Perfect for taking your relationship with your horse to the next level!

Horse size only – you may preorder for the next shipment which will look different. You may also submit your dream getup and be considered for the next Limited Edition run! Who wants one?

The benefits of going bitless are numerous.
  • Your horse is more comfortable with no metal in the mouth!
  • Your horse is more relaxed because he/she knows there will be no pain or discomfort in his/her mouth!
  • Your horse can now really THINK about what you are teaching and asking.
  • You can relax because your horse is more relaxed and receptive to the processes you are teaching.
This is just the tip of the iceberg!
One client called to say that her vet happened to be there the day she received her Nurtural and she took the opportunity to fit the bridle while she was still present. The vet noticed that the horse’s heart rate actually decreased once the Nurtural was fitted!! How cool is that??

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